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Our attorneys have extensive experience assisting businesses and individuals with a wide range of real estate and construction related disputes.

Our experienced team of litigators has represented numerous clients, including commercial owners, homeowners, multi-family owners, and multimillion-dollar development companies, in disputes regarding anything and everything to do with real estate and real estate transactions.  Our cases have included breach of purchase agreements, suits for specific performance, wrongful foreclosure, quiet title, breach-of-lease agreements, challenges to the constitutionality of ordinances, water runoff disputes involving nuisance and trespass, title insurance, premises liability, and evictions.  If there is dirt involved, we’ve done it before.

Graham Legal’s litigation team also has extensive experience representing owners, general contractors, and subcontractors, in a wide variety of construction related matters, including breach of contract claims, construction defect and negligent construction claims, delay claims, payment and performance bond claims, warranty claims, architect malpractice claims, and contributions and indemnity claims.  We also routinely represent clients for purposes of drafting construction contracts, subcontracts and preparing lien documentation.

Specific areas in which we represent clients in the field of real estate and construction litigation include:

  • Real estate transaction disputes

  • Quiet title disputes

  • Boundary disputes

  • Landlord/tenant law

  • Water/riparian rights

  • Water runoff, siltation, trespass and nuisance litigation

  • Zoning disputes

  • Georgia Safe Dams Act disputes

  • Wrongful foreclosure

  • Lease disputes

  • Lien disputes

  • Negligent construction

  • Warranty claims

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