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Corporate lawyers advise businesses (which can include different entities such as limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships, and start-ups) on their numerous legal rights, responsibilities and obligations.​ 

Graham Legal’s attorneys also counsel business clients regarding general corporate matters, including contracts (drafting, review, and negotiation), secured and unsecured loan transactions, real estate  transactions, choice-of- entity and formation options, operational matters, employment matters, insurance coverage, general start-up advice, and liability limitation and risk management.


Our attorneys’ extensive business litigation experience provides them with valuable insight when advising clients in these corporate law areas, so that our clients can better minimize risk and avoid litigation, when possible.

We can assist you with the following corporate matters:

  • Contracts

  • Entity formation

  • Operational matters

  • Intellectual property

  • Trade Secret protection

  • Purchase and sale agreements

  • Regulatory/compliance/corporate governance

  • Restructuring

  • Secured and unsecured loan transactions

  • Real Estate transactions

  • Employment agreements

  • Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements

  • Insurance

  • Risk Management

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